Cars 3 2017 BRrip

Title : Cars 3 (2017)
Director : Brian Fee
Genre : Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Cast :  Owen Wilson, Cristela Alonzo, Chris Cooper

Synopsis :
After Lightning is outsmarted by Next gen racers, he crashes in the final race of the season. Now, if he is going to beat Storm, he is going to need help from Cruz Ramirez, a young female racing trainer. Though they will have to travel through hard obstacles first.

Lightning McQueen is a 7 time piston cup champion,but become blindsided by an arrogant rookie named Jackson storm,Lightning must recover from his crash and receive help from a young trainer named Cruz Ramirez and inspiration from the fabulous Hudson hornet,#95 is about to enter the biggest race of his career and become a champion again.

Lightning McQueen sets out to prove to a new generation of racers that he's still the best race car in the world.
Racing is starting to become tough for Lightning McQueen, as he is becoming one of the oldest race cars on the race track and a generation of new rookies are coming into the racing world. For Lightning to prove that he is still a top racer, he is going to need help from an eager young female car named Cruz Ramirez, who is to help and train Lightning. He's not quitting until he shows he is still a top racer.

Lightning McQueen is happily winning all of his races until a new generation of high-tech racers are trained. They all zoom past McQueen, leaving him fading behind. Jackson Storm, a new-gen, wins four times in a row as McQueen pushes himself too hard and crashes. In order to get back on the race track, he needs training from a young racing technician at the Rust-eze Racing Center, Cruz Ramirez. Cruz and Smokey Yunick, the former engineer for the Fabulous Hudson Hornet, help McQueen best they can. With cheering from Mater, Luigi, Guido, and Sally, McQueen could possibly beat Storm in the Florida 500 by learning a few tricks from the history of the Fabulous Hudson Hornet.

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